Huaxia Edison Ski Club


Huaxia Edison Ski Club will organize single-day and multi-day ski trips to various ski resorts in the area when weather and snow condition permit.  Everyone is welcome to join these ski trips. If you are interested, please register online according to instructions (Huaxia Edison Ski Club’s online registration link will be provided later).


Future trips will be announced by email to and on this website.


For confirmed trips, the confirmed list of members will be posted/updated on the above mentioned registration link (to be provided later) by 11pm on Friday (for Saturday trips), or Saturday (for Sunday trips).  Please make sure that your information is correctly posted (such as number of lift tickets, contact info, etc.) so that there is no surprise when you arrive at the mountain.


In case there are not enough members registering for a trip, a cancellation email will be sent to on Friday morning.


Finally, please note that Huaxia Edison Ski Club is a self-organized interest group. It is not affiliated to Huaxia Edison Chinese School.  Skiing is sport that carries a certain degree of risk of injury.  By making reservation with us, you explicitly agree to release the organizer of any liability.




Org. Comm.



Planned Future Trips:


December 24-28, 2010 , Multi-day Christmas Trip, Killington, VT (click here for details.)




Frequently asked questions:


What do I need to bring as first-time skier?


Gloves (water proof), goggle or sunglasses (if sunshine is bright), and sun-blocking lotion.  Jeans is OK for not too cold weather, and usually you only need three layers of cloths.  You can also use soccer socks instead of ski socks to protect your shin from rubbing your boots.  Always bring an extra set of cloth, pants, and socks for change when needed.


For cold weather, ski pants are recommended.  Ski pants also help when the snow is wet.  You should be able to purchase inexpensive ski pants in Costco or BJ for around $15.


Helmet is recommended if you have any safety concerns.


How to handle very cold weather (below 32F and windy)?


If the weather is extremely cold (usually in Late Jan or Early Feb), you may want to have ski mask, ski pants, and ski goggles to protect yourself.  Sunglass will still protect you from bright light, but the wind will make you eye watery and make you very uncomfortable.  Jeans is no longer adequate in such weather.


You also need to dress yourself in 4-5 layers of clothes.  Each layer can be thin.  Keep in mind that the number of layers, not the thickness of each layer helps you the most.  In addition, in contrast to conventional wisdom, synthetic cloth is better than cotton ones as your innermost layer, since it prevents moisture from accumulating around your body (you will sweat a lot when you ski!).  Cotton cloth should be your 2nd layer to take away this moisture from your body.


How to improve your ski skills?


Ski at least 5 times a year.  If you ski less than 5 days in a season, it becomes harder to make progress year over year.


If you have skied a few years already, but felt stuck at the “permanent intermediate level”, it is highly recommended that you take ski lessons.  Ski lessons are available at all levels, even for expert ones.  Private lessons are expensive, but may be a good choice to give you a breakthrough.


Skiing together with your peers and slightly higher-level skiers will not only help you in your skills but also make your ski more fun.  This is the main reason we organized this club.


Do I need to buy my own equipment or rent?


For adults, if you plan to ski more than 5 days total in a season, you may consider purchase your own equipment.  The day after thanksgiving usually has very good deals for skis.


If you are not ready to purchase your own, but still plan to ski more than 5 days or more, you may want to rent the equipment on a seasonal basis from a local ski shop.  Local shop usually has a much better rate than Ski resorts.


For children, it is recommended to rent (yearly) instead of purchase, since kid’s foot keeps growing, and it is unsafe to buy a bigger boots just trying to use it for two seasons.