Multi-day Christmas Ski Trip, Killington, VT 2010


1.    The first ski date is Dec 24, 2010. You can book 2, 3, 4, or 5 days starting from Dec 24. We managed to negotiate the lowest available prices for our parents in this peak season.


2.    The online registration sheet can be accessed at:

There are three worksheets (“Main”, “Adult Lessons”, Kids Lessons”) in the Google Excel file. The sheets can automatically calculate the cost as you enter your ticket orders. Every family needs to fill in the “Main” sheet. The other two are only for those families who want to take adults/kids lessons.


3.    The price tables are attached for your reference. When making online orders, please also calculate the total cost yourself, and see if it matches the auto-calculated amount. The spreadsheet is still in trial stage. Please report to us if you spot any errors.
(Life and Rental, Adult Lesson, Kids Lesson)


4.    Payment: We accept check payment in Woodbridge High School cafeteria every school day before the trip. Make checks payable to “Dajin Wang”.


5.    Arrival date and ticket pickup: The arrival date is Dec 23, 2010. Pick up your tickets on Dec 23 at Holiday Inn, Rutland, Vermont. If you have to pick up on Dec 24, you can do so in Snow-shed, the main lodge of Killington.

6.    Hotel information to follow soon.


7.    Any questions/inquiries, please call 973-767-9090.

HX-Edison Ski Organizing Committee