Registration Policy for 2024-2025 School Year

Huaxia Edison Chinese School




Online registration starts on May 12, 2024.


Early registration ends on June 30, 2024.


A registration is only completed with the full payment received in the registration system.  School will not accept personal checks as payment.  For the Fall semester, ONLY full year registration option is allowed; for the Spring semester, half year registration is offered.


1.      Tuition Fee


The tuition fee is per student per class.


Standard Chinese Class: $500 for the full year (two semesters), or $300 for one semester (Spring semester only). $25 teaching materials and/or textbook fee will be charges separately.


Ma Liping Class: $500 for the full year (two semesters), or $300 for one semester (Spring semester only). $80 teaching materials and/or textbook fee will be charges separately.


CSL Class: $500 for the full year (two semesters), or $300 for one semester (Spring semester only). $60 teaching materials and/or textbook fee will be charges separately.


SAT/AP Class: $530 for the full year (two semesters), no one semester class. $80 teaching materials and/or textbook fee will be charges separately.


Culture Class: Depending on the class, charges range from $300 or more for the full school year or $180 or more per one semester (Spring semester only).  For details, please see the class schedule table.


2.      Registration Fee


The registration fee is per student per registration (same fee for kids or adults).  After first registration is processed, adding classes will be considered as a new registration.  Therefore, the registration fee will be applied for each such registration.


Standard registration fee is $20 per student per registration and $50 maximum per family per registration.  For example, if a single registration includes three students from the same family, only $50 registration fee will be applied, instead of $60 ($20 x 3).


Registration fee is waived if register before Jun 30 2024.


A late registration fee of $30 will be charged if the tuition and fees are not paid in full by August 11, 2024.  This late registration fee will be increased to $50 at the first day of fall semester (September 8, 2024).


For on-site registration, additional $30 manual processing fee will be assessed.


3.      School Management Fee


The school management fee is $25 per family per school year or $15 per family per semester.  


This fee is charged every school year/semester.


School management fee is waived for adult students who do not have children attending the school.



4.      Parent Duty Fee


The parent duty fee is $60 withholding per family (one-time charge).


Parent duty will be assigned by Parents Council every semester. Failure to show up for parent duty will result in the forfeit of this parent duty fee. As a result, a new $60 withholding will be applied at the next registration. For families performed the duty in prior semester, this fee will not be re-charged at the next registration.


If performing the duty in the last semester, the family can request parent duty fee refund if no future registration needed (e.g. the student graduates).


5.      Class transfer rules


Any class transfer request among same grade Chinese classes will not be processed.


For students who request class transfer, the first transfer during first two weeks of school is free; $10 will be charged for each additional class transfer during first two weeks. There will be no class transfers permitted from the third school week on.


If a transfer results in two different classes for fall and spring semesters, the semester tuition will be applied to each class, instead of the full year discounted tuition.


6.      Class cancellation and refund


In order to receive a refund, the class cancellation form must be filed with payment receipt of registration within the first two weeks of the semester.


Students who withdraw classes within two weeks will get 100% tuition refund. The refund will be processed and posted online to your account four weeks after the withdraw. In case the refund does not show in your account, please come to the administration office during the normal Chinese school day to resolve the issue.


If the deadline for cancellation is passed, the student can only cancel the 2nd semester classes if the student registers for a full year. In such cases, his/her registration will be considered one semester, thus no full year discount in tuition will apply. As a result, the refund will be less than half of the paid full year tuition (e.g. $500 for a year - $300 for a semester, the refund will be $200, not $250).


If there are no children in the school as a result of cancellation, all of the school management fee ($25 for one year; $15 for one semester) will be refunded. If there is at least one child in the family registered in the school, then this school management fee is not refunded.


The class cancellation/refund (request) form is available online. The filled form can be mailed/emailed to School Administration for process.


There is no refund for those who register late (after two weeks of school). Registration fee cannot be refunded.


7.      New Family Credit and Referral Credit


Huaxia Edison Chinese School offers a new family credit program. For any new family who registered a full-year Chinese class, a $25 credit will be posted.


In addition, the school also offers a referral program this year. To encourage students back to school in-person, for any family who refers a new registered family, a $25 referral credit will be posted on both referrer and referee family.


Eligibility Rules:

·        Referred family has no student in 2023-2024 school year (previous years are good)

·        Referred family has at least one student who completed registers a full-year Chinese class

·        Referrer family has at least one registered student (either Chinese or culture class)


Invite a friend, get $25 for both of you!




To complete the registration, ALL students and for youngsters (age 18 or under), their legal guardians must READ and AGREE the following statements.


A competed registration means below statements has been agreed by the registered student and/or his/her legal guardians.


Release of Liability Statement for 2024-2025 school year, September 2024 through August 2025:


1.   Student Rules


2.   Parents Responsibilities (link)


3.   Liability Wavier

In consideration of the activities at the Edison High School, 50 Blvd of the Eagles Edison, NJ, sponsored by Huaxia Edison Chinese School, a nonprofit organization, it is understood and agreed that said School or its officials, teachers or volunteers will not be held responsible for any injury or accident sustained by the member of our party, or for the loss of or to any property belonging to a member of our party or anyone else.


4.   Photo and video release

In the course of conducting school activities, the school will be seeking media coverage and involvement that may include Web Site text, images, audios and videos, and possibly Newspapers, Television and social medias. The signature below indicates our consent that the audio, video, photo, name, and school work of the member of our party may be included in the media as noted above.