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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's the Online Registration System URL?
or you can go to the home page then Click “Online Reg” icon on the top right corner of the home page

What's a Family Account? How do I get one for my family?

Family Accounts
Every student family must have a family account. After creating an account, you can login to the account to register classes for your family members.

Searching for Family Account Login Information – for Existing Student Families
If your family members have taken classes with Huaxia Edison Chinese School before, you don’t need to create a new account. You can find your family account information by entering your home phone number. Once the system finds your account, the system will send the login information (including a password) to your registered e-mail.

After you receive the login password, you can login to your family account. You can then change the login information in your account.

Creating New Accounts – for New Student Families
If your family members have never taken classes with Huaxia Edison Chinese School, you must create a family account first. Click “Create New Account” link. Fill out the form for creating the account and submit it to the system. The system will send the login name and password to your registered e-mail.

How to Register Classes Online?

Entering Student Information into Your Family Account

Before you register classes for your family members, you must enter student information to your family account. You can update the student information in the account. Please make sure the student information is accurate.

Class Registration
You can register one-year or one semester classes for your family members. The school will do its best to meet your needs. However, due to the size limits of classes, your class choices may be adjusted by the school. For Chinese class registration, your child is usually moved to the same class of a higher grade (for example, Class 1 of 2nd Grade last year will be moved to Class 1 of 3rd Grade this year).

After you have registered classes, please submit the registration to the Online Registration System. The system will automatically generate a Registration Record Number and calculate the total fees. The total fees include tuition, class registration fee, school management fee and parent duty fee.

Please print the Registration Confirmation sheet and attach it with your payment.

Can I modify my class registration?
You can login to your account and modify the class registration information any time before you make payment. Once you have made the payment, you cannot change the registration online.

  • If you would like to register more classes, you will need to create a new class registration form in your account.
  • If you would like to cancel or transfer registered classes, you will need to go on-site to make the change.

When and Where do I make the payment?
You must make the payment in a timely fashion in order for the registration to be effective. Unpaid registration will be automatically removed from the system after two weeks.

For 2014-2015 school year, we will only accept online credit card payment, personal checks will not longer be accepted.

How do I request refund?
You can download the refund form(pdf format)/(word format)and fill it out then send to Mrs. Suzhen Guo (address see question above) or email to or hand in when the school starts.

When and how can I get the Admission Notice?
You can check your admission status online on around August 20 for the Fall semester. The school will send an e-mail notifying the availability of admission status. There will be no paper Admission Notice mailed to you for online registered families.

Do I need a Chinese software for online registration?
Entering Chinese names is optional in the Online Registration System. When creating or login to your family account, you need to input Chinese only if you want to enter Chinese names for your family members.

How to type Chinese?+

If you have Windows XP/7 running on your desktop machine, there is a built-in multi-language feature you can use.

How to input Chinese using
Just use your browser and go to and follow the instruction on screen. After you input the Chinese, you can copy and paste it onto the registration screen.