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Call for student volunteers
Student volunteers played an important role in the past years in our Chinese school. They have contributed a lot to the school and learnt a lot from it.
As the new school year is around the corner, we invite student volunteers to contribute to the school again. We highly recommend that student volunteers talk to teacher who teaches the class you are interested in.

If you would like to volunteer for 2019-2020 season, please send email to with the following information.
1. Chinese Name
2. English Name
3. Age at the beginning of September 2019
4. Availability (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th period, e.g. 1:30 PM ~ 2:20 PM, 2:30 PM ~ 3:20 PM, 3:30 PM ~ 4: 20 PM and 4:30 PM ~ 5:20 PM)
5. Email address
6. Phone number
7. Interests (for instance, Chinese class TA, Basketball class TA, Volleyball TA, office assistant, etc.)
8. Have you contacted the teacher? Does he/she accept you as his/her TA or assistant?
9. Past volunteer experience

The requests of volunteers are attended to in the order that they arrive, without other biases or preferences. We will notify all the volunteers of the work assignments at the beginning of September 2019.
Please feel free to contact me for any questions at
Best regards,
Xia Chen
Vice Principal - HuaXia Edison Chinese School


1 学校尽最大的努力和诚意来开班,请家长们也帮助我们尽量拉学生.
2 为了孩子自己,他们也需要多一点同学一起上课,这样才有一个更好的中文学习氛围,共同进步。

我们有决心和家长一起恢复中文课开班数量。董事会投票决定秋季学期所有中文课最少开班人数降为3个学生。尽管一节课需要平均八个学生达到财政平衡,我们愿意动用Reserve Fund支持中文教学。这项政策会每年复议。


感谢您的支持!注册网站(click here) 八月十五要决定开课安排老师。我们会在之前保持通报报名情况。

2019-05-12 Board Meeting Minutes Published
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Spring festival celebration Pictures
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Parent Duty Signup Pages
To sign up for your parent duty, please click this link and pick a preferred date. It is a first come first serve setup.
HXEdison Newsletter #237 要目
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  • 我校2019-2020学年5月开始招生
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  • - 快乐的万圣节 于笑嫣 六年级标准中文一班
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    Emergency and Fire Drill evacuation procedure
    English Version
    Chinese Version
    Note: the map is included towards the end of the document.
    About hxedison yahoogroups
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    我校近年的蓬勃发展需要一座大型的校舍。而能租用高中校舍,并不是一件很容易的事情。我们能否继续租用高中校舍,取决于我们大家如何对待和使用它。我校所有学生和家长必须与高中的校工配合,自觉维护学校的一切设施,不能动用教室里的书本、计算机、文具等,不能损坏高中学生的作品,不能把食品和饮料带到餐厅以外的地方(矿泉水除外)。 请全体师生家长自觉遵守上述规定以及学校的其他有关规定,把我们的学校办得更好!
    Edison Chinese School Official Student Rules, Teacher's Duty and Parents Reponsibilities Published
    You can find these three documents on the administration page by click on the "Administraion" button above.

    如果本校因天气影响 不能开课, 请您注意查看本网站有关通知及 收听有关电台:WCTC 1450 AM 或 98.3 FM。如在当日早 10:00am 前无通知,本校将照常上课。

    Class time: Sun 1:30pm - 5:30pm
    2019-2020 School Year
    Fall and Srping Semester
    Coming soon